Bill Hybels Comments On Howard Schultz Absence From The Global Leadership Summit

The pressure of 717 people forced Starbuck’s founder and CEO Howard Schultz to remove himself as a speaker at this week’s Global Leadership Summit.  A few thoughts:

  • Jesus Christ died for everyone who has ever lived.
  • 717 passionate, committed, and organized people can accomplish much.
  • Bill Hybels was extraordinarily gracious as always.
  • Church leaders must be prepared to deal with homosexuality and handle it with biblical truth, conviction, love, and an extraordinarily welcoming spirit.
  • I feel preaching against this lifestyle will be viewed as a hate crime in the next generation.  Are American pastors prepared to go to jail if they don’t omit certain passages, specifically Romans 1?
  • Many experts state that even if today’s young people view it as a sin, many are putting it in the same category as gluttony and white lies. 
  • We need to be praying for Bill as he is attempting to meet with the group that organized the boycott. 
  • This issue is not going away.
  • I think if Jesus met personally with the organizers, He would say, “I want to come to your house for dinner.”  What do you think He would say?

If you haven’t seen it yet, below is the video of Bill’s comments.

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7 Responses to “Bill Hybels Comments On Howard Schultz Absence From The Global Leadership Summit”

  1. John Glisson on 13/08/2011 #

    Courageous, thanks for posting.

    • briandodd on 13/08/2011 #


      Thanks for the comments. And if anyone wants to read a site of someone courageously addressing topics, check out John’s site.


  2. Mike Schirle on 13/08/2011 #

    Brian, It was a very class act demonstrated before 160,000. people internationally. Discovery Church was a host site (been for 10 yrs) and I was the GLS Coordinator. All 500 people at our site were overwhelmed by Bill’s spirit and grace…

    • briandodd on 13/08/2011 #


      It is so good to hear from you. Everytime I see the numbers from Orlando in Google Analytics, I always hope you’re one of them.

      Discovery is a great church and they are privileged to have you. What was the environment like there in person?


  3. Patrick McIntosh on 14/08/2011 #

    Bill’s response was pure class and he left it up to us to understand what to do as individuals. He stated clearly about the acceptance of all people in following Jesus’ teachings. He encouraged us to buy Schultz’s book and buy a coffee and write an email. I can do one of these things. As a leader, you need to stand up to stone-throwers and speak clearly about your position. I don’t see Schultz doing either of these things. Bill Hybles truly set the bar back where Jesus puts it. A true leader. What a man.

    • briandodd on 16/08/2011 #


      Great words and well said.


  4. Dan Black on 05/09/2011 #

    This is a classical Hybels response. It’s a great example of the response leader’s should have to people who have different values or believes. Thank you for sharing.

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