The Top 25 Blogs Christian Leaders Need To Be Reading In 2013

The following is my list of the Top 25 Blogs that Christian Leaders Need To Be Reading In 2013.  The following are the criteria in which these great sites were chosen:  

  • Christian leaders read blogs in search of solutions to the issues they face.  Great blogs provide those solutions.
  • Being a Christian leader has great privileges.  These privileges, however, come with a great price.  Great blogs provide the inspiration that tells Christian leaders to keep paying that price one more day.  A great blog tells you that you can and will make it.
  • A great blog is written by an expert in their area of discipline with a track record of success.  This gives the blog credibility.  
  • A great blogger posts regularly, at least 3-5 times per week.  These means that their blog is reliable and worth re-visiting on a regular basis.  
  • A great blog has great content.  It rarely, if ever, disappoints.

With that as the criteria, the following 25 Blogs will surely not disappoint you in 2013.


  • Carey Nieuwhof – No one is writing better Christian leadership content currently that the Lead Pastor of Connexus Community Church located just north of Toronto, Canada.  Simply put, the best Christian leadership blog on the web. 
  • – My favorite site on the internet.  Brian Orme does a tremendous job in aggregating the best Christian writings on a daily basis.  A must-read for all Christian leaders.


  • Brandon A. Cox – In addition to being an incredible blogger, Brandon recently planted Grace Hills Church in Bentonville, AR.  He is also the content coordinator for Rick Warren’s  If you are a church planter, you need to be reading Brandon’s site on a daily basis.  
  • Artie Davis – Artie views ministry and life as creatively as anyone you will ever read.  He is the Senior Pastor and Church Multiplier of Cornerstone Church.  Artie is also the Director of The Sticks & author of the upcoming books Craveable and Craveable Church.
  • Derwin Gray – The Senior Pastor of Transformation Church in Indian Land, SC is America’s leading voice on multi-cultural, multi-generational ministry.  Often done in a video blog form, if you are looking to create a church that has the ability to break down generational, racial, and socio-economic barriers, then look no further than this marvelous pastor as a role model.
  • J.D. Greear – J.D. is Lead Pastor of The Summit Church in Raleigh-Durham, NC which averages over 6,000 in weekly attendance. The Summit’s vision is to plant 1,000 churches in by the year 2040.  Currently, they have planted 11 and have several church planting teams stationed around the world.
  • Perry Noble – The most unfiltered pastor on the internet.  No site is more transparent, raw, and applicable than Perry’s.  If you are looking to join a coaching network, I recommend no one more than the amazing Senior Pastor of NewSpring Church

Church Consultants

  • – Written by Matt Steen, this site comes alongside church leaders and helps them navigate their leadership journey.  Matt is uniquely gifted at helping churches accomplish their mission and vision.
  • Scott Cochrane – Scott is a key leader in the Willow Creek Association.  You can tell from his writings that few people are as generous and have as much desire to invest in pastors and church leaders as Scott does.
  • Tony Morgan Live – Tony is simply the finest strategic thinker on the web. His book Killing Cockroaches is one of the finest Christian leadership books I’ve ever read.  Few know this but Tony’s blog inspired me to launch this site.
  • Todd Rhoades – I was following Todd when he used to write Monday Morning Insights.  Currently, Todd is the Director of New Media and Technology Initiatives for Leadership Network.  His site is an invaluable resource for anyone interested in church growth or their own development as a church leader.
  • Ed Stetzer – Ed’s primary role is Vice President of Research and Ministry Development for LifeWay Christian Resources.  There is no one’s research and insights that I trust more.
  • Big Is The New Small – Hosted by Scott Williams, this site is the most creative leadership blog on the web.  Scott is the Chief Solutions Officer for Nxt Level Solutions, a consulting company he founded to help businesses, non-profits and individuals with both internal and external growth.  I feel Scott is the finest church growth consultant in the world.


  • Jenni Catron – Jenni writes the website Leading In Shades Of Grey and serves as the Executive Director of Cross Point Church in Nashville, TN, an 8-year old multi-site church. She leads the staff of Cross Point and oversees the ministry of its five campuses.
  • Nicole Cottrell – Raw and unfiltered, Nicole writes the INCREDIBLE blog Nicole says, “If you’re a truth-seeking, no B.S., Jesus-loving ninja, then hello, this blog is for you. If you desire freedom, like me, then this blog is for you. If you’re hoping to find a community of believers who will challenge you, edify you, and encourage you then this blog is for you.” Well, then your blog is for me!
  • Rachel Held Evans – Rachel is the most popular female blogger on the web and for good reason.  In addition to being the author of A Year of Biblical Womanhood, she has been featured on NPR, Slate, The BBC, The Washington Post, The Guardian (UK), The Times London, The Huffington Post,, and was recently named one of Christianity Today’s “50 Women to Watch. “
  • Jen Hatmaker – An accomplished author and speaker, Jen’s messages are constantly developing, but in general, her talks center on application discipleship, living on mission, serving the poor, biblical proficiency and obedience, and engaging God’s dreams for this planet.  I can tell you from personal experience, if you run a conference, you will want to book Jen as one of your speakers. 

Next Generation Leadership

Social Media and Technology

Money And Finance

  • Joseph Sangl – For pastors and church leaders looking for a website to help their individual families with personal finances, Joe’s is the best on the web. In addition to being my boss, Joe is also the President and CEO of INJOY Stewardship Solutions which helps churches raise significant capital for new buildings, debt retirement, relocation, and ministry expansion.  His new book, Oxen, is a must-read for all financial leaders in your church.


  • Serving Strong – Burning out is happening at an alarming rate for pastors and church staff.  It is at epidemic levels.  Personally, I always read Scott Couchenour’s posts for encouragement.  If you are a Christian leader who is burning out, you should as well.

Youth And Children’s Ministry

  • Sam Luce – Sam has been the children’s pastor at Redeemer Church in Utica NY for the past 14 years.  Currently he is serving as the Utica Campus Pastor and the Global family pastor.  His blog it is focused on leadership, children’s ministry and creativity.

Worship Leaders

  • Chris From CanadaChris Vacher is Director of Worship at Compass Community Church near Toronto.  As Founder of WorshipRises, his blog is for sharing resources with worship leaders to help them get better.


  • Church Relevance – Founded by Kent Shaffer in March 2006, Church Relevance was created help ministries become more effective and efficient.  While informing you of the stories of what is working in other ministries, this site helps you gain a clearer understanding of both the spiritual and scientific laws God put in to place and how they can be leveraged to help you best fulfill your calling.
  • The High Calling – An absolutely amazing website! seeks to create opportunities for Christian leaders to encounter God through new media tools for the transformation of daily life, work, and our world. Christian leaders are in all aspects and activities of daily life—including home, community, leisure, as well as occupation.

Well, that is my list of 25.  What other great sites do you read?  Also, check back on Monday, January 7th as I promote other great Christian writers on my Top 25 Christian Leaders You Need To Follow On Twitter In 2013.

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32 Responses to “The Top 25 Blogs Christian Leaders Need To Be Reading In 2013”

  1. Matt Steen on 31/12/2012 #

    Thanks for the love, Brian! Appreciate all that you do!

    • briandodd on 31/12/2012 #

      Thank you Matt. The feeling is mutual. Thanks for all you do to serve church leaders.

  2. Darin S on 31/12/2012 #

    Great list. Thanks Brian

    • briandodd on 31/12/2012 #

      Thank you Darin! They are all amazing writers. Have a Happy New Year!

  3. Carey Nieuwhof on 31/12/2012 #


    The inclusion on this list came as a real surprise and all I can say is I’m very honoured and very grateful.

    You give leadership to ministry leaders a real voice and practical help day in and day out. I know many many leaders are thankful for your contribution. And you do it as a hobby.

    On behalf of many of us, thank you!

    • briandodd on 01/01/2013 #


      Thank you for the kind words. The way God is currently using you to impact church leaders across the globe is amazing! Also, the section in your book Leading Change Without Losing It about Early Adopters gave me great comfort. I always thought I was just being a thorn in the side (need to humble enough to at least examine that) but I realized after reading the section on Math that it is just exuberance and passion for our mission and vision.

      Thanks you very much,

  4. Sam on 31/12/2012 #

    Brain thanks for including my blog. Humbled and grateful.

    • briandodd on 01/01/2013 #

      Anytime Sam. I’m glad I discovered your incredible blog. As a parent, I can’t thank you enough for your ministry and how you are equipping other children’s workers.

      Take care and have a Happy New Year!


  5. Brandon Cox on 31/12/2012 #

    Dude! You rock! And the world is discovering it a little at a time. Thanks a ton for including me here – very humbled bro!!

    • briandodd on 01/01/2013 #


      Thanks for all you do my friend! Speaking or rocking, your church looks to be on a roll! You are simply a gift to all church leaders and the world is a better place because of how God is using you.

      I hope you have a Happy New Year and if I can ever do anything for you, just let me know.


  6. Daniel So on 01/01/2013 #


    On behalf of the ChurchLeaders team, thank you! We appreciate your kind words and for your consistently insightful articles. Thanks for your willingness to share with the CL community. Many blessings for this new year!

  7. Scott Cochrane on 01/01/2013 #

    Brian, thank you for the privilege of being included in this list. I look at the “game changers” you have included and I’m truly humbled to be listed among them.

    Thanks for all you do for leaders my friend.

  8. Todd McKeever on 01/01/2013 #

    Brian, my blog may not be in your list (LOL), but I still wanted to say this is a great list of blogs.

    Thanks for posting them. I did learn of a couple more blogs that I will now start following thanks to you.

    • briandodd on 01/01/2013 #


      Thank you so much for commenting and I’m glad you included your site. I hope everyone reading this posts checks out your site.

      Happy New Year my friend,

  9. Mark Brooks on 01/01/2013 #

    If I had put together a list your blog would have been on it. Forget that you work for a competitor, my old place of employment, your thoughts are some of the best out there. We are still waiting on that book I have been after you to do for years. Hope you and your family have a great year. I will see you at some conference soon I am sure.


    • briandodd on 01/01/2013 #

      Thank you Mark. Very classy my friend. I am hoping for the release of my first book in the next 60 days so put that on your prayer list. I hope you and Valerie have a great new year! I’ll see on the road.

  10. briandodd on 01/01/2013 #

    From Justin Lathrop

    @BrianKDodd great list. Look into @dsantistevan for worship blogs & @pastorjustyn & @KevinMoore180 for youth/children blogs.

  11. Keith Moore on 01/01/2013 #

    LeadersServe by Mark Miller

    • briandodd on 01/01/2013 #

      Thanks for pointing out Mark’s site. I hope you and your family had a wonderful holiday season. I trust the wedding went well. Take care my friend.

  12. Kristen Howerton on 01/01/2013 #

    This is a great list – some of my favorites and some that our new to me that I look forward to checking out.

    I’m sure this wasn’t intentional, but I have to share my reaction to your use of “women” as a heading. Most of those women don’t blog exclusively about female issues, so denoting them that way, instead of including them under a more appropriate heading based on their blog content, comes off as a bit “othering”. Like you are passing them a nod but not really including them. Maybe it’s just me, but it rubbed me wrong.

    • briandodd on 02/01/2013 #


      Thanks for the comments and feedback. Actually, my desire was quite the opposite. I believe that the female voice is needed in greater quantity in the Christian leadership conversation. My desire was to spotlight the amazing work the God is doing through some amazing Christian women. They do not need to be marginalized but actually celebrated.

      I hope that helps.

      Thanks again,

  13. John on 02/01/2013 #

    You missed my favorite blogsite for church leaders:
    Jesus Creed by Scot McKnight:

    Always thought-provking and great book reviews

  14. rich birch on 02/01/2013 #

    Great list! Some fantastic church leaders there.

    Thanks for pulling this together.


    • briandodd on 03/01/2013 #


      Thanks for the comments. And more importantly, thanks to you and the entire team at Liquid Church for all you are doing to impact that region for Christ.

      Take care,

  15. Nathan Magnuson on 06/01/2013 #

    Thanks for posting this comment, Brian. Always love resource posts!

    • briandodd on 06/01/2013 #

      Thanks Nathan. I’m glad the list added value to you. You should also check out my list of the Top 30 Christian Leaders You Should Follow On Twitter. I just posted it today.

  16. LCD on 22/03/2013 #

    OKay….I found it.

    Nevermind the last comment.

    Here’s another which I curate.

  17. Mike on 23/03/2013 #

    Great list Brian! Thanks so much for this.

    Another one I would like to submit for consideration on a future list would be Before The Cross (

    I hope that is ok, you mentioned to add any for this list in the comments. If you have any questions on it or need more information, please let me know.

    Thanks so much Brian! Have a great rest of the weekend!


    • briandodd on 24/03/2013 #


      I am glad you promoted your site and hope a lot of people visit it. Have a great weekend and thanks for commenting.


  18. Brittany on 23/04/2013 #

    Hi Brian, Great list! I recommend Jim Denison’s Cultural Commentary (, a blog that gives a biblical perspective on things in the news, and gives Christians practical advice on how to respond. Thanks for all you do!


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