7 Things You Can Do To Make A Positive Impact At A New Job

Courtesy Google Images

Courtesy Google Images

Tonight Manti Te’o appeared on ESPN’s Gruden Quarterback Camp.  Featuring former NFL head coach Jon Gruden, this popular interview segment has become a staple of pre-Draft information and entertainment.

The show’s best segment was when former NFL 11-time All-Pro linebacker Derrick Brooks gave Te’o advice on integrating himself into a NFL locker room and making a positive impact at his new job.

As I listened to Brooks’s advice, I felt it was relevant information not just for a future NFL draft pick, but for anyone who may be starting a new job.  If you recently accepted a new position at a church, sports team, non-profit, or business, the following are seven things you can do to make a positive impact.

  1. Know Your Character – What you DON’T say makes a big difference.  When in a new job, your character will speak louder than anything.
  2. Make Light Of Yourself – Brooks stated that the icebreaker is every locker room is the ability to make fun of yourself.  Humor is disarming.
  3. Do Not Rush The Process – Brooks said, “Everybody wants to go to Heaven but nobody wants to die to get to Heaven.”  In other words, you must be good before you can be great.  Most people want greatness without embracing the process of first being good.
  4. Quickly Learn The Organization’s Systems – After Brooks spoke, Coach Gruden then coached Te’o on understanding the zone read system that many NFL offenses are currently employing.  Te’o’s position will demand that he develop the skills and intellect needed play against that system.
  5. Think Like An Owner – People who make a positive impact at their new jobs are passionate about serving others and furthering the mission and vision of the organization.  I will say it again, “Think like the owner!”
  6. Work On The Right Things – For a variety of reasons, new (and regular) employees work on things that do not affect the bottom line.  This is sideways energy.  Identify three measurable activities that you can do each week to significantly advance the organization.  Coach Gruden stated,”I’d rather have a guy run a 4.82 (second 40-yard dash) that knows where he’s running than a guy run a 4.3 and doesn’t know where the #$*& the ball is.”
  7. Find Answers To Problems – Finally, Coach Gruden advised Te’O that “if you don’t have the answers, GET ‘EM!”

What other best practices can new employees do to make a significant impact in their new jobs?

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  1. Benjamin Conway on 27/03/2013 #

    I think this is a fantastic piece of work… everyone should read it if they are moving into a new position or place.

  2. Joseph Lalonde on 27/03/2013 #

    Discover other areas you can serve in your job. If you see trash on the floor and you’re not a janitor, still pick it up. Little things like this matter.

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