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10 Leadership Quotes And Principles From Dolphin Tale

There are few things I enjoy more than a great, inspirational family movie.  I got that today when my family saw the delightful Dolphin Tale.  This movie is about a fatherless (more on that later) and lonely boy named Sawyer who finds meaning and purpose in the rehabilitation of a beached dolphin named Winter.  I can’t recommend this […]

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29,000,000 Reasons Why Churches Should Care About Single Moms

Tonight I attended a church leadership meeting where we discussed, among other things, the organic launch of ministries from within our church body.  Within the last month, a woman who has a heart for single moms launched a ministry to serve them and has already recruited over 30 additional volunteers to serve alongside her. When […]

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Maxim’s Top 100 Hottest Women List Is Missing One Notable Individual

Tuesday evening I was in a Charlotte hotel reading the USA Today.  In the Life section there was a snippet that mentioned Maxim magazine was coming out with their annual 100 Hottest Women edition. I am not a reader of Maxim but I was thinking that the list simply could not be accurate because as […]

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