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10 Common Mistakes Found On Church Websites


Recently I attended the That Church Conference to learn more about how churches can better leverage social media to impact our world for Christ.  One of the individuals I connected with was Jonathan Carone.  Jonathan had recently released The Church Template, a low cost website template designed specifically to help churches reach their community.  I […]

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Every Leader Needs Oxen


The Bible is the greatest leadership book ever written.  By applying the timeless principles supplied in Scripture, you can revolutionize the way you lead and serve others.  The lessons you will learn in this post can not only change your life, but it can changes the lives of others as well. Joseph Sangl, the founder […]

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15 Thoughts On Why Pastors And Christian Leaders Refuse To Change For The Better


Recently, I wrote the post The Most Attractive Quality A Leader Can Have.  In it I made the argument that if you could only choose one leadership characteristic, humbleness would be the most attractive.  The response to the post was overwhelming. In fact, the article’s most quoted statement was from my Senior Pastor Dr. Crawford Loritts who […]

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The Mess Found Below And Behind The Church Stage

Have you ever looked under the stage or behind the curtain at a church service?  It is a mess. Hundreds of yards of wires. Spare parts. Cases to house instruments. Countless water bottles. Extra lighting. Tools and supplies. Ladders. Trash. Etc., etc., etc….. But when you watch a well-done weekend service you do not think […]

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