7 Leadership Principles From Stanford QB Andrew Luck

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Many top NFL scouts view Stanford QB Andrew Luck as the top pick in next April’s draft. Luck was profiled in the September 13th edition of The Sporting News. There are several leadership principles that we can take from this talented athlete.

  1. Preparation – Rather than growing up in the traditional youth football youth leagues of America, Luck grew up in Europe playing soccer. As a result, his footwork is advanced as his field vision, intuition, and body control.  Leaders, your background can be leveraged and utilized in ways that you never knew was possible.  God never wastes experiences. 
  2. Creativity – Luck’s athleticism allows him to make plays when no options seem available.  Leaders, instead on focusing on whether you are creative or not, focus on creation – making something out of nothing.  Remember, creativity without creation is not creativity, it’s brainstorming.
  3. Coachable – The downside of Luck’s creativity is sometimes he makes ill-advised plays that lead to turnovers. Leaders, embrace the mistakes that flow from your creativity. However, it is important to learn from those mistakes and continue to advance your personal growth.
  4. Managing Expectations – Defenses last year were geared to stop RB Toby Gerhart. This year they are focused on stopping Luck. As leaders it is important to note that as we go to new levels, there will always be new challenges. People will now have scouting reports on us. At every new level there is a new devil.
  5. Intelligence – Luck was the valedictorian of his high school. He has a photographic memory and takes notes in meetings simply to placate his coach.  Leaders are learners.  Do you have a strategy for increasing your knowledge?
  6. Father’s Influence – Luck’s father was a NFL quarterback. However, their relationship is not built solely on athletics. They rarely discuss football.  A father who leads his family well provides his children with direction and intentionality.
  7. Approachable – Luck is self-deprecating and comes across as a the AMC (Average Man on Campus) rather than the BMC (Big Man on Campus).  The best leaders disarm those around them with how approachable they are.  Leaders, I’ll just ask it, is your team scared of you?

Preparation, Creativity, Coachable, Managing Expectations, Intelligence, and Being an Effective Leader as a Father.  Tell us how you are doing in these areas.

Also, if you’re looking for a way to get started in these areas, start small and simply create something this week.  How are you doing in these areas?

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