Live Notes From NewSpring Leadership Conference – Steven Furtick Leadership Quotes

Steven Furtick just gave one of the funniest leadership quotes ever:

“Some people are just crap factories.  It doesn’t matter what you put into them, crap just comes out the other end…There is a spirit of inappropriateness that comes from Perry Noble’s pulpit.”


3 Responses to “Live Notes From NewSpring Leadership Conference – Steven Furtick Leadership Quotes”

  1. Paula on 08/09/2011 #

    1st of all the “note” above doesn’t even make sense; an inappropriate comment from Steven Furtick then another comment saying Perry Noble’s pulpit has a spirit of inappropriateness. But if Steven Furtick really said that in a leadership conference it was not funny it was stupid. We get enough crude and rude comments from the general population, we don’t need it from a Christian leader leading other leaders.

  2. Ken Silva on 11/09/2011 #

    It’s really sad to watch the ascent of this prophet-pastor.

    It’s a judgment from God that such as these are advancing in the church visible.


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