The Top 20 Blogs Christian Leaders Need To Be Reading In 2012

The following is my list of the Top 20 Blogs that Christian leaders need to be reading in 2012.  Here is how the list was selected:

  • These blogs must provide solutions to the issues that Christian leaders face.
  • They must be experts in their area of discipline with a track record of success.  This speaks to credibility.
  • Their posts must regularly contain elements of inspiration and creativity.
  • They must post regularly.  Some great thinkers were omitted from this list simply because they only posted 2-4 times per month.

With the exception of the first blog listed, I have separated the sites into categories to assist you.  Hot links are provided for your convenience.


Perry Noble – Simply the best blog for Christian leaders on the Internet.  No site is more transparent, raw, and applicable as Perry’s.  If I was looking for a coaching network, I would start with the incredible Senior Pastor of NewSpring Church.

Business Administrators and Executive Pastors

Tony Morgan Live – Tony is simply the finest strategic thinker on the web.  His book Killing Cockroaches is the finest Christian leadership book I’ve ever read.  In addition, Tony’s blog inspired me to launch this site.

Jenni Catron – Jenni is the Executive Director of Cross Point Church in Nashville, TN.  She brings a completely different set of insights to the strategic process.

Compilations – Brian Orme runs my favorite website.  This site is a daily must read and provides the best compilation of blog posts available.


Serving Strong – I always read Scott Couchenour’s posts for encouragement.  If you are a pastor facing burn out, start with this blog.

Great Pastors

Brandon A CoxBrandon is a “man who wears many hats.”  In addition to planting Grace Hills Church in Bentonville, AR, Brandon also oversees the content and online community of and Rick Warren’s Ministry Toolbox. Brandon is as talented as anyone in Christendom.

Ron EdmondsonThe Senior Pastor of Grace Community Church in Clarksville, TN is one of the Top 5 most read Christian leaders on the Internet.  A true leader of leaders.

Steven FurtickPastor Steven Furtick is the founder and Lead Pastor of Elevation Church in Charlotte, North Carolina, named by Outreach magazine as the 2nd fastest growing church in the nation.  In my opinion, Pastor Steven is the most influential pastor under 35-years-of-age in America.


Scott CochraneScott is the Executive Director at The Leadership Centre Willow Creek Canada.  I love Scott’s practical leadership insights.  Few people love the local church as much as Scott.

Money And Finance

For Richer Or Poorer – Hosted by Mark Asbell, this site combines sound financial principles with specific applications to marriage.  I love this site!

Giving Rocket – For pastors and church leaders needing to increase weekly giving, this site by Casey Graham is your best resource.

Joseph Sangl – For pastors and church leaders looking for a website to help their individual families with personal finances, Joe’s site is the best on the Internet.  Joe is also the new President and CEO of INJOY Stewardship Solutions which helps churches raise significant capital for new buildings, debt retirement, relocation, and ministry expansion.


Big Is The New Small – If Perry Noble has the best Christian blog on the web, this site hosted by Scott Williams is 2nd.  Scott is the Chief Solutions Officer for Nxt Level Solutions, a consulting company he founded to help businesses, non-profits and individuals with both internal and external growth. If you want to see a creative website, visit his.

Next Generation Leadership

Jon Acuff – In addition to being a best selling author, reading Jon gives me incredible insight into how NextGen leaders think.

Brad Lomenick – Brad heads up the Catalyst Conference and movement.  No one understands and resources NextGen leaders like Brad.  Anyone wanting to know what young leadership is about needs to read this site.

Social Media and Technology

Christian Web Trends – Hosted by Paul Steinbrueck, this site gives you tools, resources, and ideas into all things technology and social media.  A must read!  Paul is also the co-founder and CEO of OurChurch.Com.


James MacDonald In 1988, along with a small group of ministry partners, James and his wife Kathy planted Harvest Bible Chapel in Illinois which has grown to 13,000 people each weekend, meeting in six locations.  James also hosts the incredible Elephant Room.  For more information on this January 25th event, click here.

desiring God John Piper, Pastor of Bethlehem Baptist Church in Minneapolis, MN,  is considered by many (of which I am one) as the finest theologian in America. His site would support that claim.

Ed Stetzer – Ed heads up Lifeway Research and provides a biblical worldview to current events.  I also find his views incredibly relevant in a movement that can sometimes default to a traditional mindset.

Women’s Issues

Lyn Smith – Lyn’s site will touch your heart.  What amazes me about Lyn’s posts are the amount of comments she generates.  She really connects with her readers.

That is my list of 20 and I know it is still lacking.  What additional sites would you recommend?

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17 Responses to “The Top 20 Blogs Christian Leaders Need To Be Reading In 2012”

  1. Brandon Cox on 01/01/2012 #

    Brian, thanks so much for including my blog! I’m humbled by your comments. One great resource I’ve discovered is Matt Steen’s bloc, ChurchThought. Matt is very practical, consistent, and creative.

  2. Jenni Catron on 01/01/2012 #

    Brian, what an honor to be on the list. Thanks for this resource!

  3. Ron Edmondson on 01/01/2012 #

    What an honor! Thank you for your kind words. Blessings to you in the new year.

  4. Teresa on 01/01/2012 # is for Christian women!

  5. Stephanie on 01/01/2012 #

    I would add and Both are innovative, intelligent, and insightful.

  6. laura anne on 02/01/2012 #

    Sad to see a lack of blogs outside of the US on this list…some great UK leader blogs on this list here:

    • briandodd on 02/01/2012 #


      Thank you so much for the UK list. One of the things I always hope for is that we will be exposed to more great Christian leaders globally.

      Thanks again. It is much appreciated.


  7. Lyn Smith on 02/01/2012 #

    Brian, what a great list! I’m surprised to see myself on it but am deeply grateful to be included. Big blessings for your new year.

  8. Josh Cox on 02/01/2012 #

    I agree with Stephanie. should definitely be on this list. Great list though!

  9. Dan Black on 03/01/2012 #

    These are some great blogs, I read many of them and have found some I need to start reading.

  10. Hans Schiefelbein on 03/01/2012 #

    I would concur that Michael Hyatt should be on the list. I also think Seth Godin is a must read. Though he may not be a Christian, he has thoughts and ideas that are certainly applicable for many Christian leaders. We cannot limit our reading to Christians – there’s much to learn from the business world.

    Great list Brian! I’m loading some of them into my Google Reader right now.

  11. Lyn Smith on 03/01/2012 #

    Another one that would be of great help to ministry leaders is
    Motivational posts, strategy tips and more.

  12. Scott Cochrane on 03/01/2012 #

    What a privilege to be included Brian. Thank you. On a broader note, this service you have provided is a tremendous way to accelerate Christian leadership development. Thanks for all you do!

  13. Roger on 03/01/2012 #

    Any one got any podcast suggestions?

  14. Scott Couchenour on 04/01/2012 #

    Brian, I an truly honored that you would add Serving Strong to your list. Thank you so much. Let’s have a great 2012!

  15. Charity on 19/07/2012 #

    kevin deyoung would seem to be a valuable addition to the group, especially concerning the fact that he is also a best-selling author and has some great convictions on modern-day leadership

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