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13 Signs Leaders Do Not Trust Their Employees

Recently, I read an article from the LinkedIn Talent Blog (full article here) which identified 12 signs a company does not trust their employees.  The following is their list: Giving instructions instead of goals. Making an employee use personal time off to leave early for a dentist appointment. Having managers work all hours of the […]

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26 Quotes And Lessons For Pastors Looking For Hope

Leaders do not lack for information.  But they are dying for inspiration.  Mike Linch, senior pastor of NorthStar Church in Kennesaw, Ga, is one of the most inspirational leaders I know. Earlier today, the team at INJOY Stewardship Solutions gathered a group of pastors and church leaders together for an event called Capital Campaign University. […]

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13 Characteristics To Look For When Hiring Leaders

Every organization I know of wants to hire leaders.  I mean, can you imagine a supervisor saying, “We don’t want any leaders around here.”  Of course not!  There is always room for more leaders.  But do you know what you should be looking for? Chipotle restaurants are growing and they are looking for leaders, lots […]

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12 Signs You Have Great Momentum

Momentum is a mysterious thing.  Momentum is hard to explain but you know it when you have it and you know it when you don’t.  And when you don’t have it, you do everything possible to get it back.  So the question begs, are there things you can do to generate momentum?  I think the […]

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14 Things Young Leaders Can Learn From Experienced Leaders


There are countless benefits of multi-generational leadership.  One is younger leaders bring fresh ideas and stretch the thinking of us who by default often roll out tried-and-true ideas which are having diminishing results.  But younger leaders can also learn much from the experience of seasoned leaders. Recently, Monday Morning Quarterback writer Andy Benoit profiled veteran […]

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19 Leadership Lessons Pastors Can Learn From Athletes


The best leaders are humble, especially pastors.  This means pastors can learn from a variety of sources and individuals.  One of the places I learn the most from is the world of athletics. Athletics requires teamwork, sacrifice, overcoming adversity, practice, preparation, responding to coaching, constant evaluation and all the results are measurable.  Sports is a […]

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